Afro-contemporary dance

Afro-contemporary dance combines the spirit of African dance and the power of Primitive Expression with improvisation and contemporary dance (Limón -release). The goal is not to learn African traditional dances and choreographies but to achieve contact with our primal instincts and feel our inner primal rhythm through improvisation and free exploration. Afro-contemporary dance, explores, through rhythm, the roots of internal movement, helping us find the personal, free, unhindered flow of energy.

Drawing from the wisdom and the culture of African dance –with its symbolisms inspired by animals and by daily life of human community– practice of this class can lead to an opening of the sternum and the pelvis, a rooting through the bare soles of the feet, release of anxiety and blockages and well-being.

The lesson includes:

  • A structured warming up
  • Strengthening
  • Familiarization with rhythm
  • Playing
  • Improvisation
  • Group creation of choreographies
  • Cooling down

All are welcome, regardless of age or previous experience.