Tribal Fusion - Αmerican Tribal Style® Bellydance (ΑΤS)

The lesson in Shantom includes both Tribal Fusion and ATS®.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a modern Western form of oriental dance descendant of Αmerican Tribal Style®. It is incorporating elements from various dances from all over the world: Indian Kathak and Odissi, Flamenco, contemporary dance, even Popping and Hip Hop. A mixture of elements that blends traditions and styles and frees the mind.

Αmerican Tribal Style® Bellydance (ΑΤS)

The main characteristic of Αmerican Tribal Style® is improvisation among dancers. Dressed in very wide colourful skirts, beautiful ethnic-style jewellery and holding zills in their hands, they use specific key-moves called “cues”. Accompanied by wonderful folk music, they create choreographic “sentences” in slow or quick tempo, in duets, trios and quarters. The result is a beautiful female improvised dance, a performance full of joy, female solidarity, collaboration and fun.

The lesson

For Tribal Fusion:
We will work on the contrast among “snake-like”, soft movements and staccato, dynamic isolations of different body parts. Be ready for a lesson that will wake up all your senses and will help you control every inch of your body! Come to live a dream-like experience.
The lesson starts with a thorough warm-up for strength and flexibility, breathing exercises. This is followed by technique exercises, isolations, sharp and fluid movements, layering of increasing difficulty, spins and turns as well as combinations. When we advance, we'll work on travelling steps, musicality, fun combinations and choreographies.

For American Tribal Style:
We will learn the strong, fundamental body posture, the ATS® steps and cues. By combining these elements, we will learn to do group improvisation in formations.

Note: The term “bellydance”, which is best not used for oriental dance in the Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish styles, is currently associated with –and should be used for – the American variations of this ancient dance form, such as Tribal. 

This year you can also follow the lesson online. 

Jasmin ΚalathakiJasmin Κalathaki

Jasmin Κalathaki is an ATS, Fusion Bellydance and oriental dance instructor, choreographer, performer, director of Merkabah and Anassa Troupes, producer of “Tribalnatyam Gr” Festival and “Persephone Unveiled” Show in Athens. Jasmin is a Teacher Training Certified in Αmerican Tribal Style® and the first Sister Studio A.T.S.® FCBD® in Greece.

Her love affair with dancing started when she was very young with classical dance and Greek traditional dances. Growing up, her interest for dancing evolved and she became a certified professional Ballroom and Latin teacher. She fell in love with Belly dance which she favoured above all, developing a true passion for it! She has studied for countless hours with some of the best and most famous teachers in the world. In 2011, she became certified by Suhaila Salimpour’s School of Bellydance Level 1, in San Francisco, CA, where she also she took part as a performer in TribalFest 11.

She has been teaching the art of bellydance for the last 19 years in recognized dance schools in Greece and abroad. She has also been a founding member in many oriental dance troupes and has given countless performances. Her latest studies took place in Barcelona, in 2016, where she got certified in the FCBD®General Skills, Teacher Training and the Business of A.T.S.® by Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin!

Jasmin is a successful oriental dance workshop and show organizer in Greece. Her love, commitment and true passion for this unique art form is what drives her need to promote, support, help and basically do anything it takes to give oriental dance the value it deserves as one of the most beautiful and unique dances in the world!