Contemporary Dance - Improvisation

The body breathes. The body occupies the space. The body receives information and sends information back to the world. The body moves. And then it feels, it communicates, it’s having fun! The movements are drawings and touches and whispers and narratives. The narratives of our stories. This is dance!

In this class we work with the body as a tool for communication and expression, exploring our relationship with the space and the rest of the bodies around us. Different dance techniques (floorwork, release, contact), accompany us during the process of instantaneous composition and improvisation, while developing one’s personal and unique movement vocabulary.

Every level and age is welcome in the class. The only requirement to participate is to have curiosity, openness for experimentation and the desire for sharing.


vasalouIro Vasalou

Iro Vasalou has graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2014. Recently she completed her Master’s degree in Dramaturgy at Utrecht University. She focuses on interactive performances, the relationship between the body and the space and finally she studies choreography as a tool for political analysis and praxis.

She is a dancer, choreographer and dramaturg, looking at the themes of gender and representation through movement and dance. She has been working and living in Malaga, Spain where she started her career with the project La Fáctica Danza, co-founded along with Lula Amir (Uruguay). She has collaborated with the site-specific interdisciplinary collective Villapuchero Factory, the dance company Ximena Carnevale and with the music composer Paloma Peñarrubia Ruíz. Her work has been presented at various international festivals like Athens Video Dance Project, 7th Young Choreographers Festival at Onassis Foundation: Stegi, Nuevos Valores de la Danza and MAF in Malaga, Seasoning at Eindhoven, 8th You Better Move at Dansmakersin Amsterdam, Resolutions Festival in London etc. Since 2020 she is based in Athens.

She has taught adults and children of various levels in a regular basis in Spain at dance schools like Jessy Muñoz Dance Academy, EL Taller, Cristina Mesa etc. She has also taught intensive workshops at Het Wilde Weste in Utrecht, at Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Malaga, Escuela Profesional de Arte Dramatico and at NImiku in Santiago, Chile.

The main techniques in her classes are floorwork, release and contact. She also focuses on the technique of improvisation in order to support the unique personal movement vocabulary of each student.