Aerial Acrobatic Dance

Aerial acrobatic dance gives to the body the chance to move freely on all three dimensions with a feeling of freedom and well-being, psychological upliftment and healing. Through the alignment of poses the practitioner acquires harmonious movement, strengthening of the body and quietness of mind. The lightness, the inversions and the harmonization of movements, set us free from passive weight.

Aerial dance reminds us of our body as children; the body which climbed, which went upside down, which moved freely and unexpectedly. Dancing with the fabric strips hanging from the ceiling, we enjoy the sensation of height, the rapidity of unfolding and the beauty of the image of the body in the air.

The physical preparation –before climbing on the fabric strips– includes muscle strengthening, flexibility exercises and toning the physical condition through techniques taken from yoga, gymnastics as well as Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

The class takes place in the largest hall in Shantom, near the garden, with a ceiling 5,5 m high and a professional, high-security bar, for an enjoyable and safe practice. You will be taught various ways of climbing on the fabric sheets, feet binds, poses and falls, as well as choreographies.

The class is meant for people who are young and have a good physical condition.