Hall Rental

Organize your workshops, classes and events in our venues

Shantom’s beautiful and fully equipped halls can host classes, rehearsals, concerts, performances, workshops, events, presentations, lectures, video projections etc.

The halls can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis but also for one-time events. Weekends are of course included, as well as the summer months (July and August).

The three halls are of different sizes and unique aesthetics. They are meticulously cleaned daily, along with all the spaces of the building and have all the requirements needed for proper exercise and for all the demanded uses.

The building is located in the Kato Halandri suburb, in a friendly and easily accessible neighbourhood, a 4-minute walk from the subway station Holargos (line 3). It is surrounded by green gardens, quiet …and the the birds song.

The professionalism, the accuracy and the welcoming disposition of the courteous people in Shantom will ensure you all the support you need to feel safe, comfortable and carefree, sure of an ideal outcome.

All three halls include:

  • Ventilation, fans (AC in the upper room)
  • Sound system
  • Projection screen
  • Chairs
  • Benches for work or study
  • Non-slip Yoga/Pilates mats
  • Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Exercise balls, Pilates balls, small weights, therabands, foam rollers, rings
  • Fire safety specifications: metallic and fireproof doors, fire extinguishers, signs for escape routes
  • Cleaning of the building
  • Heating (small extra cost)
  • Use of the reception / lounge of 75 sq.m.

The rent cost will depend on the proposed use and requirements. Please get in touch with us with your details, so that we can give you a financial offer.

Go to each page to see detailed description and pictures.

Γραμματεία - χόρος υποδοχής στο Shantom
Γραμματεία - σαλόνι χόρος υποδοχής του Shantom

Reception / Lounge

Secretariat, lounge, catering space, kitchenette, toilets

On the first floor is the bright reception and lounge. Here you can welcome your students or guests and offer them snacks or beverages, either before the start of your event or during the intermissions.

It is a perfect place for waiting, resting and socializing. Its balcony, which is also a smoking area, is adjacent to a green garden and is “enveloped” by trees and birds.

This area is dominated by lilac colours with with dark peach tones and is decorated with rare authentic masks from Bali and Indonesia. In this welcoming common space you can find a kitchenette and two toilets.

  • Note: Use of the reception / lounge space is included in the rental price