Yoga for children

In order to face the challenges of our times and cope with anxiety and phobias, every child needs the tools that will help him or her to stay healthy in body and in mind. Yoga is the ideal method to reach both these goals. It is a precious tool that helps children to cultivate and keep mental and physical flexibility. The discipline and the wisdom of yoga not only enhance physical health but also promote the awakening of mental skills such as concentration, memory, awareness, self-esteem.

Modern lifestyle cultivates passivity, physical and mental inactivity. Children are often confined in closed spaces and lose their natural flexibility at a very young age. Moreover, their mental confinement into virtual reality (video games, TV, computer, smartphones), prevents the expression and the unfolding of their creativity.

Yoga is also wonderful for hyper-active children, to calm down and concentrate.

The teacher gradually leads the child to the discovery of a different world, opening up its imagination and deepening its creativity towards inner wisdom, a treasure which will be available to the child for the rest of its life.

From what age?

Usually, children’s classes are for boys and girls from 5 to 11 years old. After that age, the adolescent is ready to go to an adult class.

marilounikolaouMarilou Nikolaou

Marilou Nikolaou studied business management and communication and worked in that field for more than ten years. In her quest for a more creative way of life, she attended seminars and workshops on photography, ceramics, jewellery and sewing. In 2007, in collaboration with other artists of different specializations, she founded Lu Creative Studio, a space for personal expression hosting workshops, events, themed exhibitions and excursions.

In 2003 she first met and started practicing yoga, while in 2006 she worked for Shantom House of Culture, where she also attended yoga lessons and yoga theory seminars with Leda Shantala. In 2010 she completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course (200 hr) at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre, and in 2013 she completed the Αdvanced Teacher Training (500hr) at the Ghyta Yoga School with Michalis Filinis. Both centres are recognized by the Yoga Alliance International. Since then, she has kept regularly attending Iyengar Yoga lessons, while she continues to enrich her knowledge with lessons and seminars on different yoga styles, with notable teachers, as well as teaching herself both in regular courses and in summer retreats.

She recently completed two courses on teaching children’s yoga: one at the Flower Kids Yoga School (100hr) and Mindfulness for Kids & Teens at Nada Yoga Place (18hr).